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How To Edit And Change Windows 7 Hosts File?

If you cannot save changes made on Windows 7 hosts file, you need to log in with true administrator account or open the editor with elevated privilege.

This issue which is known on Windows Vista system too is not a software problem or bug. Indeed, it is a security feature.

Personally, I think open Notepad with elevated privilege to edit Windows 7 hosts file is more appropriate and easier than log in with true administrator account.

In the screencast, I opened Command Prompt (cmd.exe) with elevated privilege to run Notepad editor (which in turn inherits the same super privilege) to change system file successfully.

Of course, it is possible to directly run Notepad with elevated privilege in a similar fashion:

1) Locate and right click Notepad shortcut on Start menu to select “Run as administrator” option given by context menu.

2) Click Yes button when the “User Account Control” dialog box prompts for acknowledgment:

Open Notepad with elevated privilege to edit and change Windows 7 hosts file.

3) On Notepad editor window, click File menu followed by Open option (or simply press CTRL+O hotkey) and opens the Windows hosts file in path:

Once the changes are done, just save and close the file as usual. To confirm the changes are saved successfully, just open it :-)

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