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How To Install Ovi Maps On N8 After Hard Reset?

Holy cow! Besides Ovi Store, the Ovi Maps also missing after hard reset Nokia N8. While there is an official Ovi Store installer for Symbian^3 devices (but it fails with “unable to install” error), there is no download of Ovi Maps preinstalled version available for N8 on Nokia site :-(

If you can’t wait for the latest device software update (firmware) that might fix it, please send it to Nokia Care Center to flash the phone.

The preinstalled version of Ovi Maps missing after hard reset N8? Try to reinstall Ovi Maps on N8 by using the v3.06 installer from Nokia Beta Labs.Otherwise, please consider to download and install the Ovi Maps for mobile v3.06 from Nokia Beta Labs (link might inactive when it graduates from beta to Ovi Store)!

With reference to Ovi Maps download page for N8, the beta version installed on N8 should be able to upgrade when the latest update or stable version is available:

Install Ovi Maps beta after hard reset Nokia N8.
Without Ovi Store client on N8, you can still download Ovi Store apps on computer and transfer the installers to the phone for installation. If the downloaded apps are in DM or JAD file formats, please convert the DM file to SISX/SIS or JAD to JAR file for installing on N8.

Though the beta version might not be as stable as the preinstalled version, there are some notable features of Ovi Maps 3.06 to compensate, such as pinch to zoom gesture that is made for Symbian^3 devices (e.g. Nokia N8, C7, etc).

Other new features, as highlighted on Nokia Beta Labs, include:
  1. New maps with public transport lines (as a new map layer) for subways, trams and trains in 80+ cities around the world.
  2. New Drive assistance mode with live traffic flow.
  3. Check in to places and share it with friends on Facebook to keep them up-to-date of your where-about.
  4. Send a map location to friends via SMS or Email that contains address and a link to the place page with description, ratings, contact, URL and a mini map.

So, if you’re adventurous, give Ovi Maps v3.06 a try. Good luck and happy using N8!

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