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How To Uninstall Swype From N8?

For curiosity, I installed Swype of C7 on Nokia N8 but it’s bit challenging for me to get used to this innovative touchscreen input method in a really short period.

Okay, admit that I’m old and not patient to train for Swype. So, I disabled Swype input method and reboot N8 manually as prompted.

After the phone turned on again, the Swype virtual keyboard still activated – probably that’s why no Swype for N8 on Ovi Store except Nokia C7, though both of these mobile phones are running the latest Symbian Platform (i.e. Symbian^3).

Without second choice, I decided to remove Swype from N8 to get rid of this “intuitive” input method. However, the process to delete Swype on Nokia N8 is bit tricky too, not as easy as thought!

The trick used to remove or uninstall Swype on N8

Perhaps, the glitch of not able to deactivate Swype input method will be fixed when the N8 version of Swype available on Ovi Store (so these steps will be no longer useful):
  1. Change Swype input method from Yes to No and power off N8Open Swype Setting Page and tap on “Swype input method” setting if it is “Yes”. Shortly, it prompts you to reboot the phone for this change to take effect – so click OK button and power off the phone immediately.
  2. Press and hold on Swype Pen Input apps until the Uninstall option pops upAfter N8 turned on again, DON’T open any application that requires input via virtual keyboard. Indeed, you should immediately open Application Manager and go to Installed Applications screen. Locate and tap + hold on “Swype Pen Input” until option menu pops up then select “Uninstall”.
  3. Again, you’re told to set Swipe Input Method to NO in Swype Settings before upgrade/uninstallation – just click OK to complete the removing process (indeed that’s the only option in the info box).

Successfully removing C7 version of Swype on Nokia N8

As shown in the Installation Log (screenshot), I managed to install and remove Swype of C7 on my Nokia N8 (finally)! Good luck.

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  1. Flavio 19-03-11@22:59

    Thanks! Finally my old keyboard is back!

  2. fran9ipani 11-04-11@21:07

    Thanks! finally I can type as I wish and not bother by this annoying software.

  3. Alex 08-06-11@01:26

    thanks, this application caused me problems, and could not uninstall

  4. johnson 31-07-11@00:55

    thanks my friend i really appreciate this info..finally i will write as i like to do it..take care..bye from costa rica

  5. luiz 02-06-13@09:50

    muito obrigado eu tive muito ploblemas com esse aplicativo

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