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How To Download Swype For Nokia N8?

Although both Nokia N8 and C7 are running the latest Symbian^3 platform (S60 user interface), Swype (the innovative touchscreen input method) is only available for C7 and no official support for N8 yet at the moment.

If you can’t wait for the official release, you may download Swype for C7 from Ovi Store to PC and install it to Nokia N8 at your own risk!
Swype is available as free Ovi Store apps for C7 on selected countries only. If you don’t see Swype for C7, it could be due to country restriction! If you have VPN connection to US server, for example, you’ll get it.

Refer to previous post if you wonder how to download Ovi Store apps on PC:
  1. Log in to Ovi Store and change the mobile phone to “C7-00” (option at top-right corner of the page),
  2. By now, you should have seen the Swype in Recommended apps section. Otherwise, search for “Swype” or just click this link to proceed (if it’s still valid by the time you click),
  3. Click the “Send to friend” button and notice the URL on Address bar changes to ended with “send-to-friend”,
  4. Change “send-to-friend” to “download” and hit ENTER key – this hidden download link of Ovi Store apps allows user to save/download Swype for Symbian^3!

Download Swype for Symbian 3 from Ovi Store - official supports C7 but can be installed on N8 at own risk!
Update: If the downloaded Ovi Store apps is in DM or JAD file extension, please refer to previous posts about how to convert DM file to SISX/SIX file or JAD to JAR file for installation on N8/Nokia phones.

What is next? If you’ve installed Ovi Suite, just connect N8 to computer and click the Swype sisx file for installation. Otherwise, copy the sisx file to N8 and open it with File Manager to start installation. Happy using Swype on N8 (hopefully)!

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  1. q8phantom 29-10-10@08:37

    Download but the file is .dm

    and it’s name is Swype_0x200333FD_v1_0_12080_SA_S60_52_NAM_128004.sisx.dm

    after renaming its not working!

  2. Walker 29-10-10@09:53

    You should have also read “How to convert DM file to SISX/SIS file format” (link is in the page too).

    You need a hex editor (e.g. Notepad++ which is open-source freeware) to open the DM file and delete few lines on the top of DM file, save it and then only delete the DM file extension to become real SISX file for installation on N8.

    Good luck!

  3. q8phantom 29-10-10@18:32

    Thanks a lot, this is for everyone

    ***Edited by Walker
    Sorry to remove the direct download link which is not referring to official or Nokia web site (the file hosted elsewhere might be outdated or tampered).

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