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How To Convert Ovi Store JAD File To Jar File?

If the Ovi Store apps download to PC is a JAD file, you need to convert the JAD file to JAR file format for installing the Java ME application (MIDlet) on Nokia phone.

As compare to convert DM file to SIS/SISX installation file, the JAD to JAR file conversion can be considered pretty easy :-)
Technically, it should be said “extract JAR file from JAD file”, as there is no file format conversion takes place!

Indeed, the JAD (Java Application Descriptor) doesn’t contain Java ME application file stored by JAR file (Java ARchive). But, you can find the JAR file download link inside JAD:

How to extract JAR file from Ovi Store JAD file
  1. Open JAD file with Notepad++ or simply using Notepad of Windows and copy the JAR file download link attributed by “MIDlet-Jar-URL:”, as seen in the YouTube video (above).
  2. Log in to Ovi Store with your favorite web browser on PC, paste the copied URL extracted from previous step and hit ENTER key – you’ll be prompted to save (download) the JAR file described in JAD file that download from Ovi Store to PC.
  3. Now what? Transfer or copy the downloaded JAR file to Nokia phone for installation.

As long as the hidden download link of Ovi Store apps continue to rock, so as the trick to convert JAD file and DM file will work, and I’m happy to continue using N8 (yet another Nokia phone before I seriously consider the Android-based handset).

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  1. K.K.Vinay Kumar 24-12-10@21:03

    Thank you, good guide.

  2. Paultita 01-02-13@10:27

    this is the best hint thanks alot man

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