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How To Use PC To Download Ovi Store Apps?

Do you know how to download Ovi Store apps to PC if without changing user agent string of web browser? By the way, Ovi Store enforces N8 web browser to install Ovi Store client, i.e. user agent string spoofing is not possible!

So, how to download Ovi Store apps from PC, if Ovi Store installer failed after hard reset N8? Well, each of the Ovi Store apps has a hidden link to allow user to download apps to PC, as shown in the YouTube video (below):
Seriously, it is more comfortable to browse Ovi Store on computer or netbook as compare to the tiny display of mobile phone. Why the Nokia Ovi Suite doesn’t include the Ovi Store client functionality for such convenient?

Moreover, it is easier to backup downloaded apps for multiple installations (uncommon for couple to own same model of handset?) – that save bandwidth and support the “goes green” campaign!

(Click the button at bottom-right corner to watch the screencast in full screen 720p mode for clarity.)

Simple trick used to download Ovi Store apps to PC

As shown in the silent screencast (above), this trick is working at this time of writing and hopefully it will continue to rock!
  1. Log in to Ovi Store with your favorite web browser. My choice is Google Chrome.
  2. Click on the apps, game, theme, etc, that you want to download.
  3. When the page of item displayed, the “send to mobile” and “send to friend” buttons should be there on the right side – click the “Send to friend” button please.
  4. Then, when the URL in Address bar changes to ended with the word “send-to-friend”, replace “send-to-friend” with “download” and hit ENTER key:
    The trick used to download Ovi Store apps to PC.

Shortly, the web browser will prompt you save (download) the selected Ovi Store apps (unless Nokia disables that hidden link)!

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  1. Artix 03-11-10@15:07

    Nice trick! Thank you so much for this. I had to use User Agent Switcher last time to get the files. :)

  2. Bipin 07-11-10@14:33

    You are really amazing !!!

  3. m2_225288 21-11-10@07:57

    User Agent Switcher does not work any more, so this is nice trick.

    You are legend!

    Thank you.

  4. Aran 19-12-10@16:24

    Really a superb trick. Thank you very much. i use only google chrome.Had i not seen this i would have downloaded mozilla.

  5. K.K.Vinay Kumar 23-12-10@21:06

    Thanks, it worked i’m able to download apps directly to computer from Nokia OVI Store. I’m happy that i can download all the original apps without the tension of getting my mobile infected with virus. Thanks a lot.

    :-) ;-)

  6. Michael Ngii 20-01-11@13:49

    What a saviour you are!!!! we need more geeks like you

  7. Bhavesh 20-02-11@00:23

    Wow this is really great.. Thanks a lot :D

  8. Tove 13-03-11@18:45

    The downloaded file is in the dm-format, instead of the normal sis-format. How can I convert the file into something useable? I can’t install the dm-file on my Nokia 5800… :(

  9. Walker 13-03-11@22:57

    Answer in page.

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