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How To Convert Ovi Store DM File To SIS or SISX File?

Some of the Ovi Store apps downloaded to PC are in DM file format. So, how to install the DM files from Ovi Store on Nokia phone?

It is not possible to install DM file as the Nokia Symbian OS does not recognize them. Thus, I have to convert DM file to SIS or SISX file format for installation on N8 that can’t install Ovi Store client after hard reset (hopefully the coming device software update will fix this glitch)!
SIS, shorts for Software Installation Script, is an archive file format on Symbian OS. The SISX file is actually a signed SIS file. As most of the S60 apps are installed from SIS or SISX, these file formats are commonly known as S60 installation file.

The trick used to convert Ovi Store DM file to SIS or SISX file

You need to open and edit the DM file with a file editor that can deal with binary file format (i.e. hex content not ASCII). My favorite is Notepad++ (powerful open-source editor for Windows), as shown in this “silent” screencast:

  1. Open the DM file with Notepad++
  2. Move the cursor from top-left position to the beginning of “z” character and hit DELETE key – that will delete top 4 lines up to the blank space in front of “z” character, as shown in the YouTube video (above).
  3. Save and close the edited file.
  4. Remove the .dm file extension from file name – if the 2nd last suffix is SIS, then the converted file is in SIS file format, otherwise it is SISX file format.
  5. Now, transfer the SIS/SISX installation files to Nokia phone, open Symbian File Manager to select the file (one by one) for installation.

Though it is bit troublesome, I feel relief and happier as this alternate trick allows me to download Ovi Store apps to PC and then install them on N8 – Thanks N8 buggy firmware that not able to reinstall Ovi Store client after hard reset!

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  1. goutham 28-10-10@23:36

    thank you mate…
    can i know what’s the steps to convert mp4.dm
    video files ..

  2. goutham 28-10-10@23:43

    thanks your trick worked even for videos…

  3. q8phantom 31-10-10@19:32

    Thank you, this worked great! good luck!

  4. Bolatito Akanji 24-11-10@21:09

    Worked perfectly for my Nokia C5. Thanks

  5. K.K.Vinay Kumar 06-12-10@22:01

    Thanks, it worked i’m able to download apps directly to computer from Nokia OVI Store. I’m happy that i can download all the original apps without the tension of getting my mobile infected with virus. Thanks a lot.
    :-) ;-)

  6. mahir 19-12-10@20:08

    thanks buddy..

  7. dee 31-12-10@13:36

    converted dm file to sisx file.. but still not working… says unable to open, not supported

  8. dip 15-01-11@01:59

    it’s cool….loved it….learning some tricks which is faster than downloading from mobile….

  9. Rapheal 17-02-11@21:57

    Thank you buddy…
    Thank you so much….

  10. Keith Chieng 17-02-11@22:21

    Hey thanks pal, u had settled my doubt since the day i had been repaired my phone, thanks for the sharing. you’re totally genus pal, keep going

  11. james Chia 17-02-11@22:25

    u got it dude, the method that you had shared, you’re awesome.

  12. T-REX 20-02-11@01:02

    I did exactly the same…
    But still got the error: Cannot Open, File format not supported

    Phone: Nokia 5230

    Please help!

  13. T-REX 20-02-11@01:29

    Sorry, but I found the solution!
    I actually used “notepad” instead of “notepad++”
    nokia 5230

  14. nAJEEB 08-03-11@13:33

    HELLO friends,

    sorry to say what ever mentioned i tried but once again when i transferred the file to MY nokia c7 it say the file can not install due to some reason.

    Please let me know yours feedback !

    Thank you in advance

  15. EskeRahn 17-03-11@08:03

    Strictly speaking, you should remove the last line also. This would look like the first line:


    But I guess that it usually doesn’t matter with the left tail.

    (Please note that notepad NOT always can substitute Notepad++ for this)

  16. Brendon G 22-03-11@06:44

    Hi will this work on a 5800 xm, I conducted a hard reset and software update, as a result i can not use one of my favourate applications as the file formate is not recognised, as it is sis.dm

  17. Esmail B 29-03-11@20:37

    Sincere thanks to the author, it worked perfectly fine for my Nokia C5-00

  18. pawcio_PL 29-03-11@22:33

    You are genius! thank YOU! ;)

  19. Nawar quniezeh 03-04-11@23:02

    I used several notepad programs like: Windows Notepad, Ted notepad, UltraEdit, etc. All give me the “stream read error”, or file corrupted. It worked only with Notepad++ without any error.

  20. Bachir El Charif 29-04-11@20:19

    Tried it and worked perfectly,

  21. meisam 03-10-11@20:28

    I did all what you said and I delete the last line too but in the end my nokia N8 still saying “unable to open. File type not supported”.

  22. Name Misty 15-02-12@01:52

    Your the Man thanks it worked well

  23. 0123 13-05-12@22:11

    Its not working on paid apps. please help!!

  24. twc 01-09-12@23:04

    big thankx for you man

  25. wael yusuf 12-09-12@13:00

    it worked
    thank you very much

  26. Levi 20-05-13@16:43

    Wow…thanks man. I did the editing with my Xplore and it worked. Such great piece of software. i cant use my e71 without dis file manager app….for those who will like to know how i did it with my xplore, here are d steps
    1. open xplore and navigate to the .dm file
    2. then follow “menu>file>hex viewer”
    3. Next “menu>find char”. Type “z” and press ok.
    4. Then “Menu>edit”.

    Move red blinking cursor to d hex characters corresponding with the first “z” on the third column and delete until the “z” becomes d first letter on the third column.
    5. Next “Back>save changes> yes”
    Rename file to appropriate extension ie .sis or .sisx and install….cheers.

  27. Shahroz 30-06-13@05:05


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