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3 Ways To Format Nokia N8

Wonder how to full format Nokia N8? Personally, I prefer to format the Nokia phone as it out of the box and continuously do this after some times to get rid of useless apps and garbage left by them.

However, I kinda upset as after format N8 the Ovi Store installer (client) fails with “unable to install” error message and Nokia Panorama apps cannot open though the installation went successfully :-(
The Ovi Store glitch encountered after format N8 running device software version 011.012 release PR1.0 can be fixed by sending it to Nokia Care Center (of course). Otherwise, wait for the latest firmware update and hopefully that will be fixed then.

In my test, using Ovi Suite to reinstall current firmware doesn’t solve the problem :-(

If you desperately want to hard format N8:

Famous 3-keys shortcut

This first method is useful if the phone cannot boot up into home screen successfully, but it is not easy to do it with two hands (I have to use big toe to press menu key!):

1) Power down N8 and leave it off for 20 seconds or more.

2) Press and hold these three keys together: Volume Down key + Camera key + Menu key:

The 3-key shortcut used to format Nokia N8

3) Without release that 3 keys, power on the phone and wait until the Nokia logo appears then only release the pressed keys.

Use restore factory settings

An easier way to format Nokia N8.If you’re not adventurous, please backup the phone data (contacts, SMS, notes, etc) first.

Then, press Menu key and look for Settings icon to click. In Settings screen, go to Phone > Phone Management > Factory Settings > Delete data and restore.

Using “GSM secret code”

Again, backup the phone data if you can. Then, open the virtual keypad (press Call button) and press *#7370# to proceed.

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  1. M.Angelo 15-12-10@16:25

    Hi there. I did a hard reset and indeed Ovi Store and Ovi Maps disappeared and Ovi Store cannot be installed. It is due to QT libraries that get corrupted or not fully restored when the reset was done.

    There are some tutorials that show how to manually install the QT libraries. Personally I have tried them, it fixes the Panorama app and Ovi Maps app but Ovi Store app still fails to install. You will also be unable to play any of the dcf video files (Tron/Dolby) because the license is missing too.

    The only way (apart from Nokia Care Centre) is to use Phoenix to reflash your firmware and yes it does indeed work. Fully working again.

  2. Walker 15-12-10@23:59

    I am not ready to flash N8 with 3rd-party custom firmware, though I agree the original one is suck and the mod is great to harness the hardware.

    I will consider mod for N8 when I switch to Android phone :)

  3. Manjunath 16-10-11@06:26

    I gave the phone for servicing at the nokia service center,after i got it back i tried to restore the backup that i had created on my memory card. It is just restoring only the settings and none of the messages are being restored. I had saved 2latest backups in my PC, tried to restore both the backups and none of them worked. so i installed the Symbian Anna update and then restored the backup but it still doesn’t work. Any suggestions or ideas will be appreciated i don’t want to lose the messages that i have since 2004 :(
    Please help anyone.
    And everytime i was restoring the data from the memory card i formatted my phone through the restore option and been working on it since the past 10hours.

  4. symbianbro 30-10-11@04:54

    i have the solution for ovi after EEPROM or Hard rest of n8 .. after full formating Nokia N8 some files are not deleted,this files shows ovi is already in your phone and every time you try you fail to install ovi..these files are actually v3 and v5 compatibility something i cannot explain now … what you have to do is manually delete these files from your phone application folder this 2 files are c++ binaries after deleting these 2 files re-start your phone try to install ovi store i am sure you can do it .. i have done it..

  5. Abdull 31-10-11@06:12

    Hi, if i ues method no 1 will i loess my data in mass memroy.

  6. kish 24-11-11@06:47

    hey, using N8

    im not able to open ovi maps …..i tried hard resetting but still the damn thing DOESN’T opens….i had installed an antivirus programme and force uninstalled all the map files since then no matter how mnay times i format n8 I AM NOT ABLE TO open the maps ….NOW PLS HELP….how do i get my map back

  7. mikailu faruk yahuza 16-05-12@21:04

    pls help me out ….. i have is my n8 that is rebooting after i have installed nokia symbian belle on it … but what am thinking is virus that cause that problem.. because the antivirus i have downloaded has informed me after the problem has occur.. and i tread to reinstall the software, but still the problem didn’t solve.. pls who can help me out.. plssss..! *crying*

  8. meried 17-01-13@21:38

    i forgot my lock code .even when i try to restore. it asks me the lock code so how can i resolve my problem please help me?

  9. Ankit kumar 16-02-13@20:09

    it worked man thank u very much

  10. shamal 06-03-13@11:41

    Thanks the 3 way shortcut was work with me.

  11. Anand 09-03-14@02:34

    thank you for your shortcut

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