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How To Make Gmail Displays External Images Embedded In Message?

How to fix Gmail not display or show images in message?Wonder why Gmail is not showing or displaying images in the message body even you have just clicked “Always display images from …” option shown in yellow box?

In addition, the Gmail setting for External Content also set to “Always display external content (such as images) sent by trusted senders”:

Gmail setting for displaying external images and contents embedded in message.

Now, what else? Well, if you’re using Internet Explorer, then this web browser is likely the culprit! Just try Firefox or Google Chrome to confirm that. Otherwise, tweaking IE8 security setting might just solve it in no time!

IE8 trick used to fix Gmail not display external images and contents embedded in message body

First, make sure Gmail is allowed to display external images and contents (above).

Next, open Internet Options dialog box (using one of these methods):
  • Click Windows Start button, type inetcpl.cpl in the search box and press ENTER when this Control Panel applet is highlighted atop.
  • Open IE8, press ALT+T and click “Internet Options” in the Tools menu.

Go to Security tab, click “Custom Level” button, navigate down to “Miscellaneous” section and look for “Display Mixed content” option – set it to Enable (Click Yes for the warning dialog box that said “Are you sure you want to change the settings for this zone?”):

Tweak IE8 security option to display mixed content automatically will likely fix Gmail not display images problem.

Log off Gmail and reopen IE8 – by now, Gmail should be able to display images in messages sent by trusted sender!

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