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How To Add OEM Logo And Information To Windows 7 System Applet In Control Panel?

Will your beloved lady feels touched and excited if you change the Windows 7 OEM logo and information on System window to her portrait and secret message?

Well, that is something to imagine. Now, let’s see how easy to change or add OEM logo and information to Windows 7 System applet in Control Panel:

Change or add Windows 7 OEM logo and information displayed on System window in Control Panel.

With reference to Windows 7 TechNet Library, these are the Registry key and values that used to set Windows 7 OEM logo and information shown in the System applet of Control Panel:

Registry that used to add or change Windows 7 OEM Logo and information shown in System applet of Control Panel.
The following steps require Windows Registry editing. Do it with care and at your own risk – if the Registry messed up, Windows 7 might not able to work properly or boot up.

1) Open Windows Registry editor, i.e. click Start button, type regedit.exe on the “Search programs and files” text box and press ENTER:

Open Windows Registry Editor

2) On the left pane, navigate to this Registry key:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Microsoft > Windows > CurrentVersion > OEMInformation

3) As the OEMInformation key is selected (highlighted), right click on the right pane and select “String value” to create those values shown in the screenshot (above):
  • Logo
    • The logo file path at local hard disk.
    • For Windows 7, the logo can be saved in any folder but the length of logo file path must not exceed 259 characters.
    • In addition, the logo file must be saved in 32-bit color BMP file format.
    • Windows 7 automatically scale logo file larger than 120×120 pixels to 120×120.
  • Manufacturer – the name of manufacturer.
  • Model – The PC model
  • SupportHours – Support hours
  • SupportPhone – Support phone number
  • SupportURL – The URL must include http:// prefix and must not exceed 2083 characters.

4) Close the Registry Editor and confirm the OEM logo information is displayed on System applet in Control Panel. Alternatively, right click on Computer shortcut and select Properties.

For reference, you may also download this zip file that includes a Registry file and a logo image file. To ensure zip file integrity, please verify its MD5 checksum:

SetWin7OEMInfo.zip – 17d9309bb930ad0f59ee91d99156fd64

Create C:\wBackup folder to save WNLogo.bmp image file and double click SetWin7OEMInfo.reg file – it will configure your Windows 7 OEM logo and information to what are shown in the screenshot above.

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  1. Tarik 08-08-12@06:28

    Thanks a program changed my OEM info and i didn’t know how to change it back. Thanks for showing where the OEM info is in the reg.

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