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Uses WFSLog Freeware To Monitor Windows File Changes

WFSLog is an open-source freeware used to keep track Windows file changes, with options to set buffer size, define one file or set of files to be monitored, and adjust beep tone frequency and duration as audible alert when file changes detected.

Though the compiled executable requires .Net Framework 4 or newer to run, you can easily build this .Net console program from the C# source code for older .Net Framework installed on your Windows.
  1. If possible, try to install the latest .Net Framework for the sake of performance and security.
  2. Run simple JavaScript on Internet Explorer to find out what .Net Framework versions installed on Windows.
  3. Compile .Net program from source code is not a difficult job and it doesn’t require certified programmer to do. You can have fun with the free Visual Studio 2010 Express or the C#.Net command-line compiler.

In addition, WFSLog colorizes the Windows file changes output according to type of change:

wfslog - open source freeware used to monitor file changes on Windows system.

How to install WFSLog?

Just copy the wfslog.exe to a folder and make sure that folder path is maintained to Windows system path so that you can run wfslog on Command Prompt opened at any working directory.

How to use WFSLog?

Open Windows Command Prompt and run wfslog, it will display the syntax and note. You may also refer to previous post for more information.

The WFSLog uses FileSystemWatcher class of .Net Framework to keep track Windows filesystem change events that buffered at computer memory. If you get green color output regarding “InternalBufferOverflowException”, then you might need to increase the buffer size up to the maximum (65536 bytes).

For example, to monitor all files in C:\ drive with default value and keep the output to a log file:
wfslog C:\ >mylogfile.log

To monitor all DLL files in C:\Windows and sub-directories, with audible beep tone and max. buffer size:
wfslog C:\Windows *.dll 65536 500 800

The download of zip file contains WFSLog freeware + source code.

To ensure file integrity, please check the respective file checksum:
  • WFSLog.zip – deff6b0f4d30ccbb5611fb607e0bba57
  • WFSLog.exe – 7a9756a174d9f396ea8a4241cda0df52
  • WFSLog.cs – ed68e4f60d93d0d5dacf06781c49812e

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