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How To Compile Windows Program For Different .Net Framework Version?

By using Visual Studio 2010 Express, one can easily build Windows application targets different .Net Framework version using the same source code file.

The WFSLog that I compiled and published earlier requires .Net Framework 4.0 to run, as that is the platform the console program was built.

However, it is possible to compile the same WFSLog source code for older .Net Framework version, e.g. version 3.0 or 3.5, if that is the .Net Framework version on your system and it’s not possible to simply upgrade to the latest .Net Framework 4.0.

Uses Visual C# 2010 Express to compile C# program for different .Net Framework version

Though this guide is based on Visual C# 2010 Express, it should be good as reference for other Visual Studio 2010 IDE.

1) Open the project file with Visual C# 2010 Express and double click “Properties” in “Solution Explorer” on the right pane:

Visual Studio 2010 Express is a free IDE for everyone to compile Windows applications running on .Net Framework.

2) Go to the Application tab and configure the “Target Framework”:

The Visual Studio 2010 Express allows developer to compile or build application for different .Net Framework version.

There is where you can specify which .Net Framework version will be used to compile or build the said application – the .Net application built on .Net Framework 3.0 will run on Windows system with .Net Framework 3 or above.

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  1. Bob Cousins 22-12-10@19:11

    Hi, I have been using .NET 2 with C# 2005 Express.

    I just installed C# 2010 Express, and I want to use the 2.0 framework. But I only get .NET Framework 4 in the Target Framework dropdown, what do I need to do to get the other frameworks?

  2. Walker 22-12-10@23:29

    Have you checked to confirm .Net 2.0 still valid / available on your Windows?

  3. Ns 10-07-11@22:29

    What can I do if I want to associate the dotnet framework with the installation of my application???

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