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How To Build C# Program With An Icon On Command Prompt?

It is pretty simple to include an application icon for C#.Net program using the free C# command-line compiler (csc.exe) bundled with Microsoft Windows SDK.

The csc compiler provides long list of option switches and the one used to add icon to compiled program is /win32icon:

As you can see in the “silent” screencast, the csc syntax used to compile wfslog source code to console program with an application icon (the favicon of WalkerNews.net):
csc /win32icon:favicon.ico WFSLog.cs

If you’re not familiar with command-line compilation, check it out on the previous post. For your info, the latest .Net command-line compilers for building VB.Net, C#.Net, C/C++.Net are freeware included in Windows SDK and available for download from Microsoft.com.

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