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How To Access Google USA From Other Countries?

Do you know how to access Google.com from outside of USA? Yes, there is a “switch” to stop Google.com redirects to the country domain where you access the Google Web Search service.

Suppose you’re at UK so when you type Google.com on web browser, it is automatically redirected to Google.co.uk.

To disable this country redirection, you should change the Google.com to this URL:

where the /ncr is probably acronym of “no country redirect”. Whatever it is, this handy trick allows you to access the “original” Google.com instead of being redirected to other Google.com version of the respective countries.
Of course, you may also configure the web browser to access a US-based proxy server, establish a VPN connection to US, etc. The “/ncr” is just too simple to use!

UPDATE: See also the trick used to set Google Chrome default search engine to Google NCR.

I personally prefer to use the “real” Google.com if I want to locate the search subject in USA. Otherwise, the Google of other countries is flavored.

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  1. Cássio 02-12-10@05:18

    Thanks, it worked fine!Original google(US) has more contents than my country version of google.There are some articles which I can only find in original version!Thanks!

  2. Qelix 30-04-11@04:48

    Doesn’t work. At least not in germany.


  3. rain 27-12-11@22:33

    lol. im from the philippines. i always thought the ncr in google/ncr stands for national capital region, w/c is basically metro manila where the english language rules. thanks for the info.

  4. avinash 24-02-12@02:55

    thank you dear.. it such a useful information you shared :)

  5. Joe 12-04-12@21:27

    It works well in China

  6. sumit 13-04-12@15:04

    Thanks works in india

  7. ssm 15-04-12@21:19

    dude google.com/ncr is google english. it shows pages that are english. that means the results comes generally from usa, uk, australia, new zealand, ireland. so this doesnt show results from only us.

  8. mavz 17-04-12@09:48

    Thanks. It works just fine. Thank you for the helpful info. :)

  9. Rohit 22-04-12@04:59

    Works Great. Thanks.

  10. Luis May 4, 2012 05-05-12@02:48

    Thanks, it worked as you said, thanks again. From Afghanistan

  11. New Zealand 05-05-12@08:01

    dont work in new zealand

  12. China CUMT 09-05-12@17:14

    thanks it works in china

  13. Iris Vargas 23-05-12@04:53

    it works!!!!!!!! i0m in Mexico and it works! THANK YOU

  14. thiago p rodrigues 26-05-12@07:20

    thanks it works in brazil

  15. Alejandro 29-05-12@07:02

    Really works from me. from Mexico, in fact I’am Mexican but I only use from donwload Soft that usually are not here. For example Sql server 2008 in English

  16. dood 01-06-12@09:28

    This works but the results are different from what people get in USA.

  17. Amit 14-06-12@16:58

    Works in India too..

  18. Herwin 16-06-12@02:57

    It doesn’t work in Haiti. Please provide another simple solution.

  19. Dhan 16-06-12@14:07

    Thanks works great

  20. AlexD 17-06-12@16:28

    Hello – it works fine in Romania. Thanks for posting this :)

  21. wayne 18-06-12@23:45

    I can’t make it work in France. Aaaaargh!

  22. PATRICIA 19-06-12@04:14


  23. Rockteem 25-06-12@17:27

    Thnks…works well in India

  24. tsaeed 26-06-12@21:58

    it works in KSA. Thanks for sharing..

  25. sherrieto 27-06-12@21:08

    works from mexico!! many thanks! :)

  26. timon 02-07-12@16:50

    Does not work in South Africa :-((

  27. sha 16-07-12@03:58

    it works in india


  28. Arman 16-07-12@15:25

    works in pakistan :)

  29. alimdanw 19-07-12@05:55

    How should I know it is working?
    When you type http://www.google.com/ncr, it simply redirects to http://www.google.com, which certainly doesn’t mean that it is a USA Google website.

    If anybody have an answer, just let me know.

    By the way, it’s a very good topic.

    Really appreciate.

  30. yosuke 26-07-12@03:25

    Doesn’t work in Japan.
    Why Google does this?
    It’s so annoying………….

  31. Adnan Hameed 26-07-12@13:08

    Great,,works in CUBA

  32. billy blake 26-07-12@19:54

    works from holland. i’m much ablidged

  33. dushan 28-07-12@23:34

    works in peru

  34. praveen 31-07-12@13:54

    thanks really works

  35. said 09-08-12@21:03

    it works in Morocco

  36. Booga 14-08-12@16:03

    Doesn’t work in The Netherlands :(

  37. Booga_1 15-08-12@08:14

    it works in The Netherlands :)

  38. avin 15-08-12@11:02

    it works but results are different people get in u.s.a.

  39. Patricia 16-08-12@18:10

    Before some monthes that http://www.google.com/webhp?hl=us&lr= was working to access Google USA.

    Now only http://www.google.com/webhp?hl=en
    works in Europa

  40. Rabie 18-08-12@11:50

    works perfectly fine in morocco thanks for the info……………..nice one

  41. Atif mushtaq 19-08-12@13:07

    Thanks bro it is working well in PAKISTAN

  42. Parthipan 21-08-12@19:27

    Working fine in India. Thanks a bunch!

  43. Manish Kumar 23-08-12@13:25

    Seems it works in India

  44. guru 23-08-12@18:01

    worked fine in germany!

  45. Typer 28-08-12@11:36

    Used to work in Mexico until today, I don’t know why…

  46. Hello 29-08-12@03:10

    Does not work in Guatemala!
    It redirects me to spanish Google :(

  47. Guillermo 30-08-12@05:08

    Works in Spain! Thanks!!!

  48. Alec 01-09-12@06:23

    I only had this problem when I used Opera as my browser.

    Even putting google.com/ncr was giving me the Polish version.

    I used the “Manage Cookies” option in Opera to delete any Google-related cookies.

    I then entered http://www.google.com/ncr in the address bar, and my results are finally all in English.

  49. aatd 11-09-12@16:30

    How should I know it is working?
    When you type http://www.google.com/ncr, it simply redirects to http://www.google.com, which certainly doesn’t mean that it is a USA Google website.

    If anybody have an answer, just let me know.


  50. Alina 12-09-12@01:13

    It doesn’t work in Argentina.

  51. Yann 13-09-12@08:17

    works well from France :-)

  52. Philip 13-09-12@17:19

    This does not work in Brazil, and there is nothing I can do that will enable me to re-direct to English results.

  53. gilbert 13-09-12@19:05

    It does NOT work for switzerland. /ncr just redirect you Google Switzerland

  54. gilbert 14-09-12@00:55

    I tried everything and it does not work. Even Google Chrome is blocked to Google.ch and you cannot edit the search engine. I found another way which is easy.
    Click apple, preference, general and allow “application from anywhere”.
    Then go to dashboard, more widgets, “search widgets”, select “Google widget”, download it. You have Google.com search bar in your widgets. And it works

  55. john 16-09-12@22:33

    Does NOT work in france :(

  56. popat 24-09-12@00:22

    whenever we type google.com in india it redirects to google.co.in but using ncr it openes google .com

  57. Bendobaggins 24-09-12@07:49

    Works fine if google.com is allowed to set cookies.
    Have used this for over a year without problems.
    Search results are much better when searching for anything outside your own country.

  58. hari 26-09-12@18:14

    Ah!!! Yes it works well in Guyana

  59. Keit 28-09-12@16:13
  60. hugh 29-09-12@22:17

    in colombia good.

  61. mohamed 30-09-12@08:17

    not work in Egypt

  62. John 30-09-12@08:42

    In Mexico it worked for a week and then went back and will not reset.

  63. John 30-09-12@08:45

    Your tip worked Keit THANKS!

  64. Nano 01-10-12@02:29

    Works ok in Spain, but not before (only after) removing cookies!
    Thank you very much.

  65. william 06-10-12@19:14

    It work in Equator at SudAmerica!!!!!! great and thanks

  66. alby 08-10-12@21:12

    Dont work in uk

    u get google.com/ncr search page but when u type in a word in the search box it goes back to .co.uk

  67. Leonid 15-10-12@01:06

    It works in Russia! Thank you!

  68. W.A.ananda 20-10-12@22:39

    I like us Google Thanks Google from Sri lanka

  69. Wau 23-10-12@04:18

    works in venezuela !

  70. z_belize 27-10-12@04:08


  71. Eren Vardal 02-11-12@14:31

    Thanks a lot !!! It is working in Turkey.

  72. Marina 03-11-12@18:19

    WORKS IN SPAIN… Thanks :P

  73. Reg 05-11-12@08:30

    Works fine in Australia

  74. Arun Jose 07-11-12@11:44

    works flawlessly in india….thanks for the share!! :)

  75. Junior Bicentenaire 13-11-12@07:04

    It works in Haiti. But I would like to know how I can buy stuffs like google phones and tablets through the Play Store while I am outside of USA.

  76. Maruf Abdullah 18-11-12@10:42

    I am from Bangladesh. I just tried it. It really works here. Thanks for this information.

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