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How To Take Down Google Using JavaScript?

Sit back and have some time to get some fun – see how a JavaScript “tears down” the Google.com home page :-)

Caveat: That JavaScript was clean and considered safe as I tested it with Kaspersky IS 2011. HOWEVER, I am not responsible for any kind of damage from using it, as I am not its owner. Thus, uses it at your own risk!

To minimize potential risk, click your favorite web browser shortcut to open a new window (not tab).
That JavaScript works on IE8, Firefox 3.6.10 and Google Chrome 6.0.472.63.

A bit trouble for IE8: after paste the code and press ENTER key, press TAB key repeatedly until the active cursor on Address bar goes to Google.com homepage (e.g. its search box)

As you can see in the screencast (above): Go to Google.com, paste the JavaScript given by this site on Address bar and press ENTER:

Funny JavaScript used to tear down Google home page.

For Firefox, and Google Chrome, you can immediately use arrow keys to rotate the “gun” and press SPACE bar to fire bullets.

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