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How To Change Facebook Email Address That Used For Mobile Upload?

Do you already know how to change Facebook mobile email address that used for post status update and upload photos / videos to own account from email client or mobile phone?

1) After login Facebook account, type www.facebook.com/mobile on web browser’s Address bar and hit ENTER key:

Facebook Mobile Upload

2) Locate “Upload via email” and click “Find out more” link:

Facebook mobile email address, a.k.a. personalized upload email address, has a meaningless but unique email ID to every users.

3) Shortly, the “Upload photo via email” page pops up. At a glance, it looks like a help page but there is one “hidden” link that read “refresh your upload email” – click it to bring up “Change your personal upload email” and click Reset button:

Option used to change Facebook mobile email.

Now, note down the new email and update it to contacts so you can continue to send status update, images, and videos to Facebook from Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail, mobile phone, etc.

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  1. victor EX 07-05-12@01:26

    My facebook account only uses a mobile number so I need change it to an email address

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