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How To Stop Or Disable Windows 7 Beep Driver Using Device Manager?

Besides turning off System Sounds or executing sc command, you can also use Device Manager to disable or stop Windows 7 beep driver so as to turn off the harsh beep tone.

1) Open Command Prompt window or click Start button and enter devmgmt.msc to bring up Device Manager.

2) Click View menu and then “Show hidden devices” option to list all installed devices on your Windows 7 system.

3) Locate and expand the “Non-plug and play drivers” list.

4) Double click the “Beep” driver and click on the Driver tab of Beep properties dialog box.

Easily turn off Windows 7 beep sound using Device Manager.

To temporarily start / stop beep sound, just click the respective buttons in “current status” frame. For persistent result, i.e. to permanently disable / stop the beep tone on each reboot, you may configure the startup type as “disabled”.

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