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How To Open Outlook 2007 That Has No Email Account Added?

How to open PST file using Outlook 2007 that has yet configured with any email accounts? Well, I thought it is impossible but apparently am wrong :-(

As you open Microsoft Outlook 2007 for the first time after installation, the email client shows “Outlook 2007 Startup” window to guide you through the process of configuring Outlook accounts. Click Next button to proceed.

The next window asks if you would like to add and configure an email account. Just select the No option and click Next.

Open and use Outlook 2007 to access PST file without having to add or configure any email accounts.Now, a scary exclamation mark shown in Cancel Configuration window with multiple lines of warning message. Don’t worry about that if you only want to use Outlook 2007 to open PST files and not interested on using it for accessing any email accounts.

In this case, enable the “Continue with no email support” check-box and click Finish – that is the option I overlooked.

Finally, the Outlook 2007 application window appears. Click File menu followed by “Open” and then “Outlook Data File” to choose your PST files :-)

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