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How To Backup And Restore Google Chrome Bookmark, History, Plugin, And Theme?

When backup the Google Chrome user data folder, you’re essentially backup everything of Google Chrome except the program core binaries files, which includes but not limited to bookmark, history, extension / plugin, theme, and cached files.

As shown in the following “silent” screencast, the Google Chrome --user-data-dir option allows me to redirect or relocate the user data folder from its default path to another folder which is regularly mirrored by a robocopy script.

Using Google Chrome 6.0.472.55 on Windows 7 as demo:

1) Paste the following path on Windows Explorer address bar and press ENTER:
%LocalAppData%\Google\Chrome\User Data

2) Press CTRL+A followed by CTRL+C to select and copy all folders and files in this Google Chrome default user data directory.

3) Go to your expected backup folder (e.g. D:\Chrome) and press CTRL+V to paste.
I prefer to stored user data files and folders in D: drive so that I won’t miss them if Windows system drive corrupts. The D: drive is then regularly synced/backup to USB hard disk by Windows 7 robocopy program.

To get Google Chrome access the customized user data directory:

1) Right click Google Chrome shortcut, select Properties, and go to Shortcut tab

2) Append --user-data-dir="your_customized_path" to target field:

The Google Chrome customized user data directory and cache folder.

So, the backup or restore of Google Chrome bookmark, history, etc, is depend on whether you’re using default or customized user data directory.

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