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Use GNU File For Windows To Check File Type Format Of File Without Extension

The Linux file command for Windows is a useful program to check or identify file type format of a file without extension. For example, the files stored in Google Chrome cache folder are (mostly) without file extension.

By using the GNU File for Windows, an open source program commonly found in UNIX/Linux ported to Microsoft Windows by GnuWin32, you can have a better guess about the type of data stored in a file that is without file extension.

Stays back and watch this “silent” screencast that showing you how the GNU File for Windows helps to identify Flash video from a bunch of files of unknown file type in the Google Chrome cache folder on Windows 7:

You can download Gnu File for Windows from SourceForge.net. For advanced users who don’t like installer version, you can download the zipped binaries and dependencies files and configure the %path% environment variable for Windows Command Prompt (cmd.exe) to recognize the “file” command.

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