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Alternate Download Of Google Chrome Full Offline Standalone Installer

Getting Google Chrome full standalone installer for offline installation on multiple computers is pretty good idea for help desk personnel and end users who encounter firewall/proxy issue or those live with monthly broadband quota.

So, here you go – the official Google Help page offers the download of alternate Google Chrome installer.

The official link in Google Help page (above) redirects browser to a real download page of the Google Chrome stable release standalone installer.

By modifying the real download link, you can also download the offline installer of beta, dev, or canary release:

Google Chrome Beta release standalone installer
Google Chrome Dev release standalone installer
Google Chrome Canary release standalone installer


1) Remember to backup Google Chrome user data directory (that contains bookmark, history, cache folder, plugin, theme, etc) before using a non-stable release. In some cases, stable release might refuse to use the user data directory with contents created by beta, dev, or canary release.

2) If you download the standalone offline installer twice in a day, you might notice each installer gives different file checksum (MD5, SHA1, CRC, etc), regardless stable, beta, dev, canary release. Do you know why?

3) The size of full standalone offline installer is same for any one of the four releases. For non-stable release, you might have to click Update Now button in About Google Chrome dialog box.

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