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How To Download Original Windows 7 ISO Image And Official SHA1 Checksum?

Let’s say you have a genuine Windows 7 product key and a damaged Windows 7 DVD (or later the Windows 7 SP1 ISO image that you haven’t own except the faulty pre-service pack DVD).

Without a TechNet subscription, you might think of getting Windows 7 ISO image from unofficial sites or P2P networks. But, how to prove that is original untouched Windows 7 ISO image?

Well, if we believe that everything on TechNet website is trustful and free of errata, then you can confirm the Windows 7 ISO image file integrity by comparing the image file SHA1 / CRC checksum calculated by your favorite Windows file verification software (e.g. HashCheck Shell Extension or digestIT 2004) with the official checksum published on TechNet site – if matched, then the ISO image is considered genuine, clean, not tampered :-):

How to prove or confirm the Windows 7 ISO image is original untouched?

Actually, why can’t Microsoft open the access of official Windows 7 ISO image download link to general public since it is secured by product key and activation, just like Office 2010?

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