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Hotkey To Select Alternate Boot Drive Of VMware Virtual Machine

There is a hotkey or keyboard shortcut to select alternate boot devices of VMware virtual machine via Boot Menu, i.e. without having to change default boot drive in BIOS of the said VM.

Again, however, if the VMware software (in my test case, this is VMware Server 2.0.2) is running on a powerful host, it will be hard to send the hotkey successfully to virtual machine during its boot-up process (as the time for it to accept keyboard shortcut lapses at a glimpse):

Hotkey or keyboard shortcut to enter VMware virtual machine BIOS setup screen.

If you’re fast and the virtual machine can senses the ESC keypress for Boot Menu, then you’ll see this alternate boot devices selection:

Access VMware virtual machine alternate boot devices selection via the ESC hotkey pressed during boot-up.

Otherwise, refers to previous post on how to configure VMware virtual machine to automatically boots into BIOS setup screen. Have fun.

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