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How To Use SC Command To Disable Windows 7 Beep Sound?

Yes, it is certainly possible to just turn off or disable Windows 7 beep tone service without mute the System Sounds entirely as what was described in previous post.

Here, you need to type a bit instead of using mouse click. The sc program bundled with Windows 7 (as well as earlier Windows OS) allows one to interact and configure Windows service on command prompt:

Uses sc command to disable Windows 7 beep tone service.
Open an elevated command prompt window to execute the following sc command examples.

To check current configuration of beep sound service (as shown in the screenshot above):
sc qc beep

To check current status of beep tone service:
sc query beep

To temporarily disable / turn off Windows 7 beep sound:
sc stop beep

For permanent solution, i.e. to turn off or disable the Windows 7 beep tone persistently across each reboot:
sc config beep start= disabled

Again, I suggest disabling it temporarily whenever it is disgusting or annoying. If you find it reasonable to turn it off permanently, just do so with the sc command instead of breaking the system speaker physically :-)

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