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Shortcut To Remove Installed Application From Nokia 5800 Or S60v5

Am just discover a relatively faster way to remove installed program from Nokia 5800, which I think is applicable to other smartphone powered by Symbian OS 9.4 or S60 5th Edition software platform.

Without going through such a long way: Menu > Settings > Application Manager > Installed Apps > Options > Uninstall, you can try this alternative:

S60v5 tips - a relatively faster way to remove or uninstall apps

1) Go Menu > Apps, which is the default folder storing 3rd-party programs.
If the application icon was moved (via Options > Organise) to appear on Menu screen, the trick is applicable too.

2) Tap on the application icon and slide it aside then release – this is to select the program icon (highlight it) without activate / execute it.

3) Click Options and then select Remove – isn’t this is a “better” way to uninstall apps from S60v5!

Note, it is only possible to uninstall 3rd-party apps but not those bundled with Nokia device software update, unless referring to “unusual” method which I yet to know how (if you do, please be kind to share). Good luck.

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