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How To Use AlternateReader On Touchscreen Phone?

The tips of using AlternateReader on Nokia 5800 is on YouTube, but if you can’t follow my lame video guide featuring silence of me, then here you go.

As mentioned in previous post, AlternateReader is an open-source DJVU and PDF reader freeware for S60v3, S60v3 FP1/FP2, and S60v5 (a.k.a. Symbian OS 9.1, 9.2/9.3, and 9.4)
Technically, S60 or Series 60 User Interface is a software platform runs on Symbian OS.

Tips of using AlternateReader on a touchscreen smartphone

Note, AlternateReader takes time to open and display a page with graphic or image, as a result of low power mobile phone processor.
If so happen the first page of PDF e-book featuring a graphical cover page, then please be patient for the PDF reader freeware to display the content.

1) After installing AlternateReader, you can open the PDF document from the inbuilt Nokia File Manager.

2) After opening PDF document, click Options and choose “Full screen mode”. Then, tap on the touchscreen without release it for 3-5 seconds or until the context menu pops up and choose “Fit width” – this give you the best reading experience, as the page is fully maximized at best resolution the phone hardware can provide.
The pops up context menu featuring options for “go to page”, exit, normal mode, zoom in/out, open file, etc.

3) The magic of single tap and double tap:
  • When you’re reading on the top of page, single tap on the bottom of touchscreen is to move page down by one screen.
  • While the reader rendering the middle of page, single tap on the top of touchscreen is to move the page up by one screen.
  • To read previous page, move the page up to the top and then double tap on the top-right corner of the touchscreen.
  • To read next page, move the page down to the bottom and double tap on the bottom-right corner of the page

4) Slide up and down on the touchscreen for page scrolling – that is intuitive.

What’s next? Go to download and install the open-source DJVU and PDF reader freeware for S60v5 (linked in previous post) – try it and you’ll like it too :-)

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