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How To Display Sound Or Speaker Icon In Windows 7 Notification Area?

By default, Windows 7 displays the speaker icon or sound control in Notification Area (bottom-right corner; better known as System Tray by Windows veteran).

If yours is not there, and so as the network icon, USB or Safely Remove Hardware icon, etc, then the Notification Area might have been customized to behave in such a way.
If this is not setting issue, then the Windows Vista system tray icon missing bug could have been developed in Windows 7 too (though I have not encountered this glitch yet in 64-bit Windows 7 Ultimate).

To confirm this is actually caused by Notification Area settings:

1) Right click Taskbar, select “Properties” to open “Taskbar and Start Menu Properties dialog box”.

Configure Windows 7 Taskbar properties

2) Click the Taskbar tab and then the Customization button of “Notification Area” section – there you can set one of the 3 system-defined behaviors of such icons, i.e. Show icon and notifications, Hide icon and notifications, Only show notifications.
Personally, I prefers to see all active icons in Notification Area, and thus instead of configure individual icon’s behavior, the “Always show all icons and notifications on the Taskbar” option is enabled.

How to show all active icons in Windows 7 Notification Area or system tray?

If the sound / speaker icon, network icon, power icon, etc, are not in the list, then click the “Turn system icons on or off” option (screenshot @ above) and confirm the Volume, Network, Power, etc, are “ON”:

How to disable network and sound icons from appearing in Windows 7 Notification Area?

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