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How To Turn Off Or Disable Windows 7 Beep Sound?

There is an easy way to turn off the beep sound in Windows 7, if you find it annoying. For example, the beep tone is disturbing and unnecessary while using Putty via Citrix.

I hate the beep tone that caught everyone’s attention whenever the backspace key pressed accidentally as I am using Putty program in Citrix environment.

Knowing that I might need it occasionally, but definitely not during the Citrix session, so I find this graphical way to turn it on and off at wish, instead of disable the beep sound permanently:

Uses Volume Mixer to disable beep sound in Windows 7

Using Windows 7 Volume Mixer to turn off System Sounds which include the beep toneThis is perhaps the easiest trick if the little sound control appears in Notification Area (previously known as System Tray).

Right click the speaker icon and select “Open Volume Mixer”.

Easiest trick to turn off Windows 7 beep sound.

In the Volume Mixer dialog box, you can lower down or mute the “System Sounds” volume only without affecting other volume controls, e.g. music can still play aloud, voice chat via Windows Live Messenger or Skype is still as usual, etc.

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