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How To Organize Gmail Emails With Personal Folder?

Gmail new user, do you know how to organize or move emails in Inbox to personal folders? Sometimes, I confuse with “label” and personal folder too, even I am using Google free webmail every days.

In Gmail, the meaning of “label” can be referring to folder name or tag, depends on the context.

To create personal folder or tag in Gmail

How to create personal folders or tags in Gmail?Locate “more” option on the left pane, click it and then select “Create new label”.

The Gmail system labels, which cannot be deleted, are Inbox, Buzz, Starred, Chats, Sent Mail, Drafts, All Mail, Spam, and Trash. All others are user-defined labels (though there are default custom folders that can be deleted, such as Junk E-mail, Personal, Receipts, Travel, and Work).

Organize emails with personal folders

Select the emails, click “Move to” button and choose the folder (here, the label is considered folder name). Once you clicked on one of the labels in “move to” list, Gmail immediately move the selected emails from Inbox to the chosen personal folder.

How to move Gmail emails from Inbox to personal folder?

Organize emails with tag

If you select the emails, click “Labels” button and select one of those in the list, Gmail tag the selected emails with that label instead of moving them out from current folder to personal folder.

Gmail Personal Folder VS Tag or Label

The emails will then appear in the current folder as well as the tag name on left pane as you click on it.

Gmail Label (Tag) VS Personal Folder

Depends on personal preference, you might find one better than another. To me, I prefer “move to” personal folder and forget about the “tag” meaning of label.

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