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How To Save Embedded Or Inline Image Attachments In Outlook 2010 Email?

Unlike earlier versions, Outlook 2010 offers user-friendly option in right-click context menu for those who want to save or retrieve embedded / inline attachments in the emails.

Best of all, Outlook 2010 respects original attachment file format. That is to say, the “save as picture” command saves the embedded image in question to its original file format and thus image quality remains intact :-)

As shown in screenshot, one just need to right click on the embedded image and select “Save As Picture…” option – if it is a PNG file, then Outlook 2010 save it in PNG format and not any other image formats.

If the embedded attachment is not of image type, Outlook 2010 offers general “Save As” option in the right-click context menu for user to easily save it in its original file format too.

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