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How To Check Windows 7 Up Time Or Last Boot Up Time?

Ever wonder how long your Windows 7 has been up and running without downtime that caused by reboot, shutdown, or BSoD kind of crash?

While most Linux distributions come with uptime command for this subject, Windows 7 is not short of native command line utilities and GUI program for checking Windows up time or even the exact time of last Windows bootup:

Command Prompt

You may run these commands on Command Prompt window with normal privilege. Otherwise, open elevated Command Prompt window to run it with real administrator privilege.

The wmic command string to get the last Windows boot up time (fast response but ugly result presentation):
wmic os get LastBootupTime

The net statistic command (fast response and better result presentation):
net statistics workstation | find "since"

The systeminfo command (slower than wmic or net statistics command):
systeminfo | find "Time: "

Windows Task Manager

Press CTRL+SHIFT+ESC hotkey or right click Windows Taskbar and select “Start Task Manager” option to open Windows Task Manager.

How many ways can be used to check Windows 7 up time?

Go to Performance tab, you should see the “Up time” information in System frame, which indicates total time Windows 7 system has been up and running, since last bootup, without downtime.

Windows Event Viewer

Click Start button, type eventvwr.msc and click the shortcut of it that appears atop to open Event Viewer:

Uses Event Viewer to check last Windows 7 boot up time

On left pane, navigate to Windows Logs then System and looks for latest Event ID 12 – there you’ll get the last Windows 7 boot up time.

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  1. thomaus 13-01-11@02:41

    Thanks for the Event ID 12 reference. Exactly what I was looking for. I set up a custom view in Event Viewer to show these events. It looks like the longest I’ve made it in Windows 7 was 26 days between startups since last June when I switched from XP. As far as I remember, XP would go for over a month without restarts sometimes.

  2. Don 28-06-14@02:31

    I was interested in knowing how to access my last reboot.
    Right clicking on the “Start Task Manager” showed my Up Time to be 2:05:16:12. Being a somewhat ignorant user could you please tell me how to read this. Thanks for your support.

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