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Where Does Windows Media Player Keeps Playlists On Windows 7?

Assuming nothing has been change, then the default save location of music files in Windows 7 is “My Music” folder of Windows user account.

Let’s say you have just created a Playlist in Windows Media Player 12 but can’t find the WPL file in the “My Music” folder, then the Windows 7 Music Library default saved location should have been changed to something else.

To confirm that is the culprit, open Windows Explorer, click Music Library and then the “locations” link:

Manage Music Library from Windows Explorer

To change the default save location in Windows 7 for music-related files, right click the folder in “Music Library Locations” dialog box and select “Set as default save location”.

Change music files default save location in Windows 7

Of course, you can click Add button to include / add a new folder to Music library and then used that as default save location. Good luck.

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