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The Easiest Way To Add Music To Windows 7 Libraries

This could be the fastest way to add folders that containing thousands of music files in MP3, WMA, WAV, or AAC format to the Windows 7 Music Library.

But, why bother to add MP3 files to Windows 7 Music Library? For me, there are two reasons to do so:

One, the Windows 7 Music library serves as a center location, sort of master index file, to locate all the music files stored in different folders, hard disk drives, or locations. In the Music Library window, change the default of “Arrange by: folder” to “Arrange by: Song”, there you get all music files at one glance.

Two, I would like to show friends on Windows Live Messenger the music playing by Windows Media Player 12.
Like it or not, even the latest Windows Live Messenger Beta version 2010 (build 15.3.2804.607) is still not capable to display or show music playing by Windows Media Player 2009 version 12.0.7600.16145 in Windows 7, unless you open the music file one by one or add all of them to Music Library :-(
(If you know how to fix it with other ways, please comment.)

So, here is ONE of the fastest and easiest ways to add or include music files to Windows 7 Music Library:

Trick to add music files to Windows 7 Music Library.

Yes, just right click on the folder that containing MP3, WAV, WMA, AAC, etc and select “Include in library” followed by “music”.

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