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How To Retrieve Real Final Download Link Of Downloaded Files?

Sometimes, a download link you click may be redirected to another URL that seems to be a real final download link of that file/program.

In this case, you may retrieve this final direct download link from a download manager program.

As always, there is more than one route to Rome. Here, I am using Google Chrome 5.0.375.125 to show you how I retrieve the real direct download link of Windows Live Essentials standalone installer, i.e. the full installer for offline installation (check out the post on how to directly download Windows Live Essentials Beta version 2010, if you’re interested on that too):

The trick is you cannot double click the direct download link and select it while the file is downloading. You can, however, when the file is completely downloaded – then you can simply double click and copy the real direct download URL in question. Happy using Google Chrome!

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