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How To Appear Offline To Selected People Only In Windows Live Messenger?

If you would like to appear offline to some people in Windows Live Messenger (MSN) contact list, there is no easy way other than using Windows Live Messenger Beta version 2010 (build 15.3.2804.607).

But, that is not all – the Windows Live Essentials Beta version 2010 only supports Windows 7 or Windows Vista (as a mean to force Windows XP users to upgrade).

Trick of Windows Live Messenger Beta: Appear Offline to selected people only

Right click a contact and select “Appear offline to this person”. Alternatively, click this option in the chat window of that person.

Uses Windows Live Messenger Beta version 2010 if you want to appear offline to some person or selected contacts only

To undo, i.e. to appear online again to these selected people, just right click the contact in question and select “Appear online to this person”.

If you later use a previous version (e.g. the current version 2009 build 14.0.8089.726), you have to redo it again.

Reminder of appearing offline to selected people in MSN

For those contacts that you set to appear offline, their contacts name is dimmed. If that is hard to differentiate, uses the Friends filters by choosing “Appear offline to” and there at one glance you can tell who you’re appearing offline to.

Windows Live Messenger Beta offers Friends filter to display group of people who you appear offline to.

One bad feature of Windows Live Messenger Beta version 2010 is that I CANNOT send message when I appear offline – for selected people case, only that group of people are affected. If appears offline to all, then I cannot chat / send message to anyone in the contact list :-(

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