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Direct Download Windows Live Beta Full Installer

For those who are running Windows Vista or Windows 7 and keen on the latest Windows Live Essentials Beta, you may be interested in downloading a full installer to save monthly broadband usage.

So, here I show you a trick to download the 168MB Windows Live Beta full installer for offline installation. Best of all, the installer is directly from Microsoft server (as it is redirected from Live.com to Microsoft.com) – so I guess it is genuine and unmodified (whether for good or bad).

1) Go to Windows Live Essential Beta download page,

2) Right click “Download now” button and select option that can be used to copy the link address.
  • In IE8-Windows 7, this option is called “Copy Shortcut”
  • In Firefox-Windows 7, this option is called “Copy link location”
  • In Google Chrome v5.x, this option is called “Copy link address”

3) Remove all trailing characters after “wlsetup-webc.exe”, so you will see this URL:

4) Replace all “webc” occurrences in that simplified URL to “all”, so then you get this final Windows Live Beta full installer download link.

It is working now, as shown in the screencast, but I don’t know when this trick will be disabled.

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