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How To Add Image As Emoticon On Windows Live Messenger?

You may right click on a nice emoticon in a friend message and add it to your own emoticon collection. What about adding animated GIF files on computer to Windows Live Messenger for use as emoticon?

Here is a “silent” screencast to demonstrate the guide for this subject (background music is provided by YouTube AudioSwap service):

1) Simply open a conversation window (you may choose an offline contact in this case)

2) Click the “Select an emoticon” icon and then “Show All”

3) Click “Create” button to bring up “Add a custom Emoticon” dialog box

4) Click “Find image” to select the expected image file, choose a good keyboard shortcut (Windows Live Messenger automatically convert the keyboard shortcut, as you type, to the corresponding emoticon), and think about a good description / meaning of this emoticon to fill up “Name” field.

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