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How To Remove Wall Post On Facebook Fan Page?

Do you know how to delete posts from the Wall of Facebook Page?

Yes, I know it’s darn easier and simple as doing so on the Wall of personal profile, but I really didn’t see that freaking Remove button appeared :-(

Well, guess I was pretty impatient that night so I only found that button on the next day morning.

To remind myself how to do it in future, I made a screencast showing the “precise” mouse movement to reveal the “hidden” Remove button:

Only one point to remember: The Remove post button is aligned to the far right of each post header!

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  1. sm 11-12-10@08:42

    fantastic! why the hell is it hidden!!! AHHHHHH!!!!

  2. Karin 17-01-11@18:27

    THANK YOU!!!
    You helped me a lot!



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