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How To Embed Or Hide Secret Message In Image File Like A Spy Agent?

There is a pretty old trick used to write some hidden texts as secret message in an image file. In other words, you can embed the secret message in the photos and share them on Facebook, hoping that only someone special will know about that secret texts.

Sounds like a professional trick of spy agent, but it is not absolutely useful for keeping secrecy – the security force could easily decode that in no time. But, let’s see how to do that little spy trick for fun :-)

Steps to embed and hide secret message in a photo

1) Open the image file with Notepad++ (a versatile text editor and source code editor freeware to replace Notepad bundled with Windows),

2) Scroll to the bottom of image file content and add in the secret message,

3) Save the editing,

4) Send the image via email or share it on Flickr, Facebook, etc,

5) Guide the recipients to “decode” the message, i.e. open the said image file again in Notepad++

That is so simple to hide a message in image file, right? Have fun.

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  1. Aaron 05-02-11@05:56

    Have you ever actually tried uploading and downloading an image with a message? I gotta tell ya I can’t get it to work. It’s fine if you save it on the hard drive, but it doesn’t survive the process of going on a website then being taken down again. At least I couldn’t get it to work.

  2. Walker 05-02-11@18:12

    Oh…frankly speaking, I didn’t try upload and download.

    If that “manipulated” image can’t survive after some kind of image processing (reduce DPI, resolution, etc), you may have to zip it before upload or send via email.

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