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How To Check Outlook Version Used By Sender In Outlook 2010?

Wonder what Outlook version the sender / colleague is using? Here is a little trick which might help you to find that out if you’re on Microsoft Outlook too :-)

Though these steps are tested on Outlook 2010 but trust me that you can do this on Outlook 2007 too with little changes (not too sure about Outlook 2003 or earlier but should be applicable):

Display the Outlook version used by the sender in Outlook 2010.
The Outlook version number will appears blank in this view, if the email is sent via SMTP relay service (e.g. route through different Exchange servers) or Outlook Web App (OWA).

1) Right click on one of the Inbox column header and select “View Settings”

Customize Outlook 2010 display column

2) Click Column button in the “Advanced View Settings: Message” dialog box

Select columns to be displayed on Outlook 2010 Inbox view.

3) Select “All mail fields”, locate and click to select “Outlook Internal Version” and/or “Outlook Version” followed by clicking Add button (to add the selected column to Inbox display view).

Add the selected columns to Outlook 2010 Inbox view.

After closing all the open dialog boxes, you should see the selected columns appear on Inbox view – there you will find the sender’s Outlook version that used to send you the said email :-)

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