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How To Calibrate Windows 7 Display Color For Better Visualization?

The Windows 7 Display Color Calibration tool allows one to easily tweak monitor display settings so that an image looks more realistic as it is rendered according to its underlying data (EXIF).

In brief, if a best shoot taken by top-notch DSLR appears darker or brighter on LCD / LED monitor, it might be fixed after going through display calibration process that involves adjusting various display settings such as gamma, color balance, brightness, contrast, etc.

If the display card or monitor does not come with color calibration utility, check if there is one bundled with the operating system. In Windows 7, there is this tool called Display Color Calibration:

Uses Windows 7 Display Color Calibration tool to adjust LCD or LED monitor display settings.

The easier way to open Display Color Calibration tool:

Press Windows key or click the Start button, type dccw.exe at the Windows 7 Instant Search text box (works better than Windows Run dialog box) and hit ENTER key as the “dccw” appears atop in the Program section is highlighted:

Type dccw.exe at Windows 7 Instant Search text box and hit ENTER key to run Display Color Calibration tool.

Take little time to read the on-screen instructions (indeed is printed on the application window) and I bet most of you will find it just piece of cake to get this job done :-)

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