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Tweak IE8 To Open And Access Two Different Gmail Accounts Concurrently

How to concurrently login two Gmail or any online web accounts of same service using IE8 on Windows 7 (i.e. without having to log off the first login session)?

Well, the trick is open a new Internet Explorer window (not a new tab) with -nomerge option switch:

Press Windows key on keyboard or click the Start button, type iexplore.exe -nomerge and hit ENTER key.

Uses IE8 to login two Gmail accounts concurrently

Alternatively, in the active IE8 window, press ALT+F and select “New Session” option of File menu.

The IE8 -nomerge option allows one to currently login two online web account of same service.

Personally, I prefer to open and run each IE8 windows with -nomerge option switch.

Since there is no keyboard shortcut (Hotkey) to fire New Session option, I add that -nomerge option switch to IE8 shortcut for sake of convenient:

Add nomerge option to IE8 shortcut.

How to open and access shortcut Properties from an application button appears on Windows 7 taskbar?In Windows 7, right click the IE8 button on taskbar, right click on “Internet Explorer” option, select Properties (image@left), append a space followed by -nomerge option switch at the end of Target box (image@above).

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