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Tweaks Windows Update To Include Office Update And New Microsoft Software

You probably aware that in a default setup, the Windows Update includes updates or patches for Windows operating system only.

So how to get more Microsoft products updates (e.g. Office Update, SQL Server, Visual Studio, etc) and new optional Microsoft software (e.g. Windows Live Essentials such as Windows Live Messenger, Photo Gallery, Windows Defenders, etc) using Windows Update program in Windows 7?

Though this trick is tested on Windows 7 but it is applicable on other Windows:

Open Internet Explorer and visit to Microsoft Update website. Note, using IE to open this Microsoft website is a MUST (unless you want to play around tricks using other web browsers).

If the Windows Update is not currently enabled to download other Microsoft products updates and new software:

The default Windows Update in Windows 7 only include download of updates or patches for operating system only.

Then, you’ll be prompted to install Microsoft Update service – tick the check box and click Install button to proceed:

Trick to get more updates for Microsoft software installed on Windows computer.

Now, close and reopen Windows Update. Click “Check for updates” option in left pane:

Upgrade Windows Update to include more updates for Microsoft products.

Suppose the new options are enabled, you should able to get updates and patches of other Microsoft products installed on the Windows system, as well as new optional Microsoft software available for the said Windows edition.

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