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How To Get Windows Update To Include All Microsoft Products Updates?

By default, Windows Update does not include Microsoft Office Update and patches available for other Microsoft products installed on a computer.

Though this default configuration reduces both download size and time needed to secure operating system components, the Windows system stills expose to security risks and reliability issues caused by other outdated Microsoft products.

How to get Windows Update to include Office Update and patches of most Microsoft software?

1) Open Internet Explorer and go to Microsoft Update – ONLY IE web browser can do this :-(.

2) If Windows Update is not currently enabled to download all Microsoft software updates, you will be prompted to install Microsoft Update service:

Trick to get more updates for Microsoft software installed on Windows computer.

3) Tick the agreement check box, click Install button to proceed and you have done:

Upgrade Windows Update to include more updates for Microsoft products.

As you open Windows Update and click “Check for updates” option on left pane, you will get two additional options which if enabled will give you updates for all Microsoft products as well as new optional Microsoft software.

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