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Why You Should Name A Custom Emoticon Properly?

As you add a custom emoticon to Windows Live Messenger, please consider to choose a good keyboard shortcut (shortcode) and meaningful description (specified in the Name: field). For example:

Add a custom emoticon in message to Windows Live Messenger.

Otherwise, the recipient will misinterpret or misunderstood the meaning of your special emoticon in a serious case. In the following screenshot, the sender should NOT defines .... as shortcode for little heart symbols and go for 3rd animated emoticon.

Understand the meaning of a personalized, customized emoticon in Windows Live Messenger.

Am in opinion to define smlv and (go) as keyboard shortcut, so that “stupid” Windows Live Messenger will not awfully convert “go” in the word “got” to become “emoticon + t”, as shown in the above screenshot.

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