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How To Find The Meaning Of MSN Emoticons?

Do you ever receive some funny emoticons while chatting with friends on MSN (a.k.a. Windows Live Messenger) and wonder what that is all that about?

Unless those are standard, common emoticon (e.g. smiley), you might misinterpret the meaning of some custom, personalized emoticons that bring special meaning. In some occasions, it is not a good idea to ask the sender (e.g. when a girl sent you little heart symbols):

Understand the meaning of a personalized, customized emoticon in Windows Live Messenger.

So, how could you find out the exact meaning of a special emoticon in MSN / Windows Live Messenger without open your mouth?

This trick is only applicable when using Windows Live Messenger Desktop application and the sender does specify a good meaning for the said emoticon:

The meaning of a custom MSN emoticon.
  • Click to select the emoticon (make sure the square box appears)
  • then right click on it and select Add from the pop-up menu.

Windows Live Messenger of sender automatically converts predefined shortcode to corresponding custom emoticon that represent meaning specified in “Name:” field by the sender.

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