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How To Disable MSN Emoticons In Windows Live Messenger?

Some custom emoticons do pretty good job to cheer up a boring online chat session. It is painful, however, when someone abusive it by using emoticons extensively in almost every sentences.

In some cases, the funny emoticon turn out to be nonsense when Windows Live Messenger “blindly” converting shortcode in a word to emoticon, e.g. “go” in of the word “got” as the sender specify “go” as the keyboard shortcut for that animated emoticon (as mentioned in earlier post about why it is important to define a custom emoticon properly):

Understand the meaning of a personalized, customized emoticon in Windows Live Messenger.

While you can’t stop friends from using custom, special emoticons, you can stop Windows Live Messenger from displaying or showing standard emoticon (e.g. smiley) and / or custom emoticon.

Stop showing emoticon in Windows Live Messenger

These steps are tested on Windows Live Messenger (previously known as MSN) version 2009 (build 14.0.8117.416):

1) Press ALT+T to bring up Tools menu and click Options…

Open Windows Live Messenger Options dialog box

2) In Options dialog box, click Messages on the left pane – there you will see the options to turn off (standard) emoticons and custom emoticons.

How to prevent Windows Live Messenger display or show emoticons?

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