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The Reasons Facebook Terminates A User Account

What are the reasons that will cause your Facebook account terminated or disabled?

As I attempt to upload a video clip for the first time, an alert pops up with bold text to remind me that violating the said TOS may result in account termination.

Violating Facebook TOS may cause user account terminated.
In this subject, a Facebook account is deemed disabled if the “Disabled” message appears when you try to log in.

But that is NOT the only term and condition. With reference to Facebook Help Center, the causes include but not limited to:
  • Ignore notice of TOS violation sent to you and continue with the said prohibited behavior, such as spam for the purpose of harassment, advertising, promoting, dating, or other inappropriate conduct.
  • Uses a fake name or creates dummy accounts to conduct prohibited activities anonymously.
  • Impersonates a person or entity.
  • Posts content that violates Statement of Rights and Responsibilities, e.g. photo or writing that featuring illicit elements (obscene, violence, intimidation, harassment, etc).
  • Account being hacked or phished.

I bet that many people skip reading lengthy term of service or kind of agreement and blindly click the Accept or Agree button. Don’t worry, am one of you – I do that at most of the time.

For those who care, however, should take TOS seriously.

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