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Direct Download Windows Live Essentials Full Standalone Offline Installer

Without using a full standalone installer, it is painful to install long list of Windows Live Essentials programs for 2 Desktop computers and 1 laptop under my care!

For those who have a slow broadband Internet connection or limited by monthly bandwidth quota should have no problem to understand that precisely.

I appreciate that “explicit” download link of such installer found in earlier Windows Live download page. But now I am disappointed as this convenient has been removed (or hidden at somewhere) from the new download page :-(

Although there are some 3rd party sites offering Windows Live Essentials full installer, but I feel much comfortable to get one from Microsoft official download site:

The trick to get direct download link of Windows Live Essentials full installer from the official Live.com (if you’re keen to know that):

1) Open your favourite web browser and go to download.live.com. You’ll be redirected to another URL that match your Windows version (in my screenshot, it is Windows 7).

2) Right click the “Download Now” button, select “copy shortcut” (as seen in Windows 7-IE8), and paste it to the Address bar.

3) Remove all those “weird” suffixes after wlsetup-web.exe and then change wlsetup-web.exe to wlsetup-all.exe

4) Hit ENTER key gently to start download :-)

If you don’t get it, just click this link to get the 134MB wlsetup-all.exe setup file, which allows you to install all these latest programs without connecting the computer to Internet:

Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live Photo Gallery, Windows Live Mail, Windows Live Movie Maker, Windows Live Writer, Windows Live Family Safety, Windows Live Toolbar, Microsoft Office Outlook Connector, Office Live Add-in, and Microsoft Silverlight.

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  1. Yousef 03-09-10@23:59

    It Worked :)
    Thank you for the creative info friends :)

  2. concat 29-09-10@09:43

    it’s great.. running well..
    thank’s for usefull information..

  3. Luke 30-09-10@03:44

    Just thought you might like to know, it is similar for the most recent beta:

    ***Edited by Walker***
    Similar trick used to download Windows Live Essentials Beta full offline installer.

  4. Maskil 08-10-10@18:48

    Thanks very much for providing this link! I have searched high and low for this, on both official and unofficial sources. Plenty of information on where to download the full files for the new WLE 2011 suite, but nothing for XP!

  5. Michael 20-11-10@04:10

    Thanks a lot and really appreciate the info. Take Care and God Bless… What a time saver?!!! Whew!

    @Maskil It is the same procedure for Windows XP

    Go to download.live.com
    Click Windows Live Essentials for XP
    select the language choice and then RIGHT click the Download Button
    Select Copy Shortcut
    Paste in Address Bar
    Delete content in address line AFTER the words wlsetup-web.exe
    Replace the word “web” by the word “all” as below:
    wlsetup-web.exe TO wlsetup-all.exe
    HIT ENTER and Save the File!

    Much more simpler than this I don’t think anyone can explain my friend : (

  6. Burt 03-12-10@10:47

    Do anyone know how to install only the latest version of Live Writer 2011 WITHOUT updating 2010 Live Photo Gallery?

    The new 2011 Photo Gallery is horrible and less featured than the previous 2010 version and I want to keep it, but I also want to use the new Live Writer which has some great new things.

  7. Waseem Ahmed 11-01-11@15:36

    Thanks Brother :)

  8. Alphonse 07-02-11@22:12

    the way to download the wave4 standalone has changed again at least thats what i notice to my language setup Now to download the standalone we need to do the same that you said AND change in the link all the WEB to ALL:


    thanks anyway you help me a lot

  9. nonothing 14-09-12@17:15

    The Download Links of offline versions
    3 (for WinXP)
    4 (for vista)
    5 (for Win7)

    are now published officially here :


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