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Ovi App Wizard: Package Your Blog Feed As Widget For Nokia Smartphone

How to create a RSS widget for your blog and publish it to Ovi Store? Well, try the free Ovi App Wizard provided by Nokia.

If you’re not sure what this is, then download WalkerNews RSS widget to your Nokia phone (if it is compatible) and see how it works, or take a look at these screenshots of the widget on my Nokia 5800:

Ovi App Wizard allows one to easily create RSS widget for Nokia smartphone.

The Ovi App Wizard allows one to easily create such a mobile apps for Nokia phone and publish it to Ovi Store by just following clear instructions on each of the 4 steps – absolutely not require software development skill or programming knowledge to complete the process in probably 3 minutes!

Best of all, you can monetize the mobile apps by charging it or via mobile ads service provided by Millennial Media or 4th Screen-Mpression.

Of course, you can certainly offer the mobile apps as freeware :-) WalkerNews RSS widget is definitely free of charge! If you have QR Code reader installed on your phone, there is a QR Code of my FIRST mobile apps on right sidebar of this page!

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